Orexport manufactures its jewels in the path of an unaltered authenticity, in the constant pursuit of originality, in the inspiration that comes from the family history, which is based on ancient and artisan traditions. Even today we work with the same tools that were used by ancient goldsmiths and we make the same working methods our own even though they are now supported by modern and cutting-edge technologies.
Our experience and expertise has led us to be one of the most successful production company both in national and international market, but it is our ancient craftsmanship that makes our creations unique and exclusive, jewels that defy time.

Love for Craftsmanship

We believe that it’s very important to never forget what we have been
taught: the value and nobility of the work and the gratification that come from manually create an object.
For this reason Orexport based its production on handcraft, an element that characterizes the whole manufacturing process.

It starts form the mold, realized according to the drawings of our designer. The melted metal is poured in it and, then, the mold is cooled and broken to obtain our jewels. All these crucial stages of the production cycle are directly performed in our company, following the principles of an art which is hundreds of years old.
We then proceed with a series of other processing that help to create true works of art. The setting, for example, is used to mount precious gem stones: in this case we use simple but highly precise tools able to perform this particularly delicate step.
The jewel finally reaches the last stages of the production process: the cleaning, which allows to eliminate casting defects and imperfections, and the final polishing that enhances the brilliance of our jewellery.

Orexport has always been synonymous with creativity and craftsmanship.
Thanks to their brand Matthia’s & Claire, Orexport offers modern, lively and highly qualitative jewels appealing to an international clientele.

Founded in 1969 by Mr. Gianfranco Cilluffo, its current president, Orexport has always been synonymous with creativity and craftsmanship made in Switzerland.

This important reality is a company “world oriented”, well known and appreciated for its craftsmanship, respectful of the ancient goldsmiths traditions.
Since its foundation, Orexport has embarked on a path of growth that has enabled it to assert itself on the international market place thanks to its unique and original jewellery, shown in major worldwide fairs.
Orexport can boast two important locations. The prestigious Main Office is located in Chiasso, Switzerland.

Here we study and design the jewel, here the main steps of the production process take place, here a careful quality control is made and, hence, all the Orexport creations are shipped all over the world. Orexport is proud to have also a factory in Arezzo, Italy, situated in the heart of the Ancient Etruria, which is considered the true home of jewelers.

Affected by the paternal passion Mr. Cilluffo’s children Chiara, graduated in History of Art, and Mattia, graduated in business administration and an expert gemmologist, followed their father’s footsteps and in 2000 they started the brand Matthia’s & Claire. A great example of a Swiss Made Brand universally recognized for its high quality, refinement and professionalism.
Matthia’s & Claire signs jewels of great charm, able to combine the valuable with the everyday life. Our business growth goes on thanks to the international network that is emerging more and more, with the specific aim of spreading the goldsmith’s culture in the world.

Since 2004 Orexport has established its headquarters in the center of Chiasso, in an elegant and welcoming building, to offer to its customers a real temple of luxury.

High quality materials, excellent lighting, large exhibition space combine together to enhance the jewellery experience.
Over the years our showroom has expanded and has become a perfect place to “feast the eyes” with the splendour of diamonds, gem stones, platinum and gold.

Its fame has internationally spread and, daily, attracts buyers from various parts of the world who seek comfort in this little “heaven’s corner” where they can find specialized staff, services and quality at its highest levels.