The VALCAMBI GREEN GOLD LABEL is a copyright of the Swiss refinery VALCAMBI SA and ensures that sustainability criteria have been met throughout the entire gold production chain. The VALCAMBI GREEN GOLD is fully traceable from the mine to the delivery of the refined product, separately processed and never commingled by other gold. Orexport, manufacturers of fine jewellery, has been approved and certified by Valcambi to purchase and use the Green Gold for its production of jewellery. From the mine to Orexport Production, Green Gold involves several steps:
• The Green Gold Doré has been mined by a mining company, which respects human rights, acts socially and ethically and has environmentally advanced extraction methods.
• Once in the Swiss refinery, the refining process is kept separate from the standard refining, never commingling the Valcambi Green Gold with other gold.
• An independent auditor supervises and guarantees the whole process.
• At the end of the refining process, the independent auditor issues the final inspection report.
• Orexport also must keep the VALCAMBI GREEN GOLD separate from all other production.
• Valcambi supervises and certifies Orexport Green Gold production method.