Love for Craftsmanship

Orexport manufactured on ancient and artisan traditions. Even today we work with the same tools that were used by ancient goldsmiths: handcraftmanship for unique creation.
Since 1969 turning Gold and platinum into Love.


We offer an accurate craft-made repair service for all the jewelery. We provide every customer with our experience and creativity in your focused technical support service, in your efficient repair service and in your jewelry handmade production.

Uniques Jewellery Creation

Specialness also manifests itself at Orexport in the ability to create unique pieces that can make every woman’s dream come true.


Green Gold

Orexport has been approved and certified by Valcambi to purchase and use the Green Gold for its production of jewellery. Make unique your jewels with Green Gold.


The setting is a very important characteristic of a jewel because it combines and enhances the gems. Brightness and hand-craft accuracy are two of the most important features that mark out the perfect setting.
Orexport offer many solutions of settings combining them with precious and certified gemstones.
Diamonds, as well gold and platinum, don’t come from assembly lines and aren’t intended for mass consumption.

Expertisen and gemstones

Our know-how at you service.